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Our values & principles


At The Holistic Equitation Centre we put HORSES FIRST by seeking first to understand, then be understood. We respect the philosophy ’First, Do No Harm’ and we keep our own horses in a barefoot herd in a way that’s as close to their natural lifestyle as possible. When it comes to riding and training, we believe that the means used are just as important, if not more so, than the results achieved.

We encourage PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. To us, each horse is a unique and valuable sentient being, just like his or her rider. We appreciate that every artificial aid, technique or method has its advantages and disadvantages. We believe in violence-free training and also in having discipline, setting boundaries and showing good, clear leadership. We encourage every instructor, rider and owner to make informed decisions in the best interests of the particular horse based on knowledge and understanding.

Our business model is based on long-term, mutual FINANCIAL VIABILITY, not profit at any cost. We strive to offer a fair exchange of value through serving our clients to the best of our ability.

We choose an attitude of LIFE-LONG LEARNING. We believe that people and horses always do the best they can with the mental and physical resources they currently have available. While always searching for better methods and useful resources ourselves we are also passionate about sharing what we've discovered.

We are committed to living, working and keeping our horses in PLANET FRIENDLY ways. Our management plan for the centre includes restoring our 50 acres of grazing to herb-rich medieval pasture - which will mean planting new hedgerows as well as creating wildlife ponds. We minimise our production of landfill rubbish by recycling wherever possible - all of the muck our horses produce is composted for return to the land and we use RedBed to reduce our need for bedding materials. All our feeds are GM-free and we follow a holistic worming regime based on worm-egg testing that allows us to minimise the amount of toxic chemicals introduced to the environment.

If you find you share some or all of these values then we invite you to explore our site further and learn more about how we can help you...



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