Individual lessons:

The Holistic Equitation Centre's founders, Derek and Jo Clark, are kind, sympathetic, classically-minded riding instructors with a passion for helping horses and people. Both are students of the French classical master and former ecuyer of the prestgious Cadre Noir de Saumur, Philippe Karl. Derek is already a Licenced Teacher of Philippe Karl's School of Légèreté and Jo is working towards her final exams to obtain this respected qualification. 

Derek's background as a former Olympic coach and sports psychology expert makes him the ideal instructor for more advanced riders as well asbeginners, nervous riders or those with 'difficult' horses. He is renowned for being able to make complex skills easy to learn and understand,He enjoys working with all people who want to take their dressage and riding skills to a higher level. Jo has nearly 40 years' experience with horses and is also a qualified Applied Equine Podiatrist and holistic saddle fitter.  

Their approach to riding and training horses is based on two fundamental principles; lightness and respect. Because of this they prefer to teach riders on a one-to-one basis until they have gained sufficient skill to manage their horses without harshness in group situations (e.g. quadrille rides or jumping lessons). 

They offer private lessons for any level of rider on their own horse; from beginner to advanced, including re-starters or nervous riders

Jo and Derek can help whether your interest is flatwork, jumping, riding cross country or hacking out. Whatever the size, breed or type of horse, they can show you how to get softer, more supple and more flowing movement with fewer resistances AND lighter aids. 

If you are a beginner or nervous rider, you will find their lessons have an amazing effect on your balance and confidence in the saddle as well as your ability to steer and stop your horse without the need for any force in the aids.

If you are a more experienced rider you will find they can help you establish a sense of balance, relaxation and control beyond anything you have experienced before and that very precise work with the aids - integrating groundwork, work in-hand, lunging, long-reining, riding and schooling into one holistic system - brings even ’high school’ riding within the reach of any dedicated amateur on any sound horse.

Except during workshops or clinics, private lessons can normally be arranged at any mutually convenient time from 9am to 8pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and 9am to 2pm on Sundays. 



Private lessons at the centre:

Individual 1-hour lessons: £50.00 per lesson




Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice will be charged at 50%

Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hrs notice are payable in full


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