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Holistic Equitation - it's a way of life!

Hello and thanks for visiting our website. We are Derek and Jo Clark and together with our handsome horses, Charlie and Perry, we are the founders of The Holistic Equitation Centre. 

When you visit us for clinics, workshops or private lessons our primary goal is to ensure that you and your horse have an amazing experience:

The environment at the centre is very friendly, calm and supportive with staff and methods that put your horse’s best interests first. Our aim is to foster happy horses and riders who are calm, full of life and have deep confidence in each other based on skill and good training. 

Thanks to our first-hand experience, a constant search for knowledge and contact with some of the world's best teachers and trainers, you will have access to the skills and methods that have helped even the most ’difficult’ of horses become "light to the hand, light to the leg, comfortable to ride and trustworthy".

What makes us so different?

Well, firstly we think it's really quite amazing that horses even allow us to ride them in the first place!

In return for that privilige, we want to give our own horses the best possible experience of life and we are committed to helping anyone else who wants to do the same. 

We know exactly how awful it feels when you think your only option is to compromise your horse to get the results you want. Putting it simply, we wanted to give people something better. The Holistic Equitation Centre is our way of making the information and knowledge we’ve found - and some of the people we’ve met - available to a wider audience so that more people can have a greater range of choice in how they keep, train and ride their own four-legged friends.

We've been searching, studying and attending educational events for over a decade now and in that time we've found some things that were very good as well as some that were not so great. We’ve encountered and tested a whole range of ideas and information while putting our own horses’ interests first and continually seeking ways to improve their well-being as well as their performance. We choose not to rely on side reins, draw reins, tight nosebands or any other form of coercive training aids as we have simply found them to be unnecessary. While we appreciate that tools like these may be ’OK in the right hands’, we’ve never found them to be essential if the trainer or rider is aware of more horse-friendly alternatives.

Both of us have competed at the very highest level. Jo in the rowing finals of the 1988 Seoul Olympics and Derek as coach of the Swiss rowing team that won two gold medals at the the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. As members of many successful world championship and Olympic rowing teams, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence and long-term stability in performance and we absolutely believe that it can be achieved using ethical principles that benefit all those involved.

Whether your dream is to ride an effortless passage-piaffe-passage transition, gallop with abandon down an endless beach or enjoy a safe, slow hack in the countryside, we believe that achieving what you want and having happy, healthy horses are not mutually exclusive and The Holistic Equitation Centre is all about having both.


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