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  • If you're you having trouble with your horse on the ground or under saddle and struggling to find a solution...
  • If you've tried the obvious sources of help but are still not getting anywhere...
  • Or even if you don't have any particular problems but would like to learn how to take your horse and your riding to a higher level - without having to resort to gadgets or strong-arm tactics...

          ... then read on - because you've come to the right place!



Two visitors from Cornwall, Linda and Jan, came for riding lessons on the recommendation of one of our other clients who also travels all the way from Cornwall to see us.

Beforehand they said "It's a heck of a long way but we've heard you're really worth it".

After a couple of days of lessons, Jan said "Thank you SO much, that's the most amazing two days of good horsemanship I've ever experienced - and I've seen a lot of horsemanship!".

Linda's verdict: "I'll be back, definitely!"


We offer a variety of options for those just beginning or returning to riding after a break as well as more advanced lessons for experienced riders or instructors.


  • Intensives: short-term training camps & riding holidays

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What's Hot!

What's Hot!